Artistic Accomplishments:

1st Place AJEC RAM art competition                                              June 22, 2014

AJEC RAM is a church organization for all christian pentecostal M.I. churches in a variety of states from Pennsylvania, Delaware,
Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia which are divided in 5 districts. AJEC RAM has special events, camps and conventions every year for couples, pastors, children and the youth. Revekah was secretary for the Maryland youth district in 2015, which includes the churches in the areas of baltimore, greenbelt, reisterstown, columbia westminster, and silver spring.




KIU Korean Blog photography exchange                                      2012-2016

“Platos Cave” exhibition at Zoetropolis                                         January 2016

Lancaster Information Center                                                         April 2015- April 2016

F/9 Exhibition show at Demuth Museum                                     2015

“The Young Artists Showcase”                                                         March 9-30, 2012

“Scholastics artist and Writings Awards” : nominated for Photography Portfolio        2012




Pennsylvania College of Art and Design Lancaster PA : Photography and Fine Art : 2012-2016


CONTACT:      (443) 468-3913




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